Katleen Gils obtained a Master’s degree in Photography, Cultural Management and also studied visual creative therapy.

In her life and work, the following three pillars are always present:

PHOTOGRAPHY. Fascinated by different cultures, she likes to immerse herself in them, and lets herself be moved and guided by the images around her. She uses her camera to give a critical voice to the habits and customs of locals, to stimulate the spectator, to set things in motion.

ART. As an (art) photographer and mixed-media artist, she connects with herself. A creative process that brings new insights and ideas every time. She creates what she sees in her mind, without needing words.

CONCEPTS. Through her knowledge, skills and creativity, she develops projects for socio-innovative organisations to help them better understand/reach their target groups. For this she connects with the client, the group, and the individual. For her, photography is a tool to help others connect with themselves. In this way, she plants seeds wherever she goes.

In the past, these projects have been supported by Nikon Belgium, Fujifilm Belgium, Imprenta and FOMU.

Interactions often occur between these three pillars. Currently, there is a photo project called ‘Locked Insight’. Through dialogues with young people, an interaction emerges between the photographer, and the young people who are also creating. These young people are guided to find a POWER word. From this, they are encouraged to make a POWER image. In a world where negativity and low self-esteem are omnipresent, the focus is shifted to something positive.