Having acquired a Master’s degree in Photography (2001) and a Master’s in Cultural Management (2004), I have been mostly working as a freelance production manager for various artistic projects within the Belgian cultural environment, going from theatre and music to visual art performances.

Photography has always been a constant in these various endeavours and apart from having used my photography skills in these projects, it has always helped me to understand and explain the world I live in. Through photography, I try to share my views and interpretations of the things I see and experience, feeling that words often come short compared to colours, lines and foremost: light.

I want to share what moves me, hoping to evoke the same feeling in the spectator. I want to touch, like I feel touched – shake awake, like I am shaken – translate, without using words. All the photographs you find on this website are my impressions, of a world that bedazzles me every living second.

On top of this, I furthered my studies in Creative Therapy (2014) and have been trying to combine this particular form of therapy with photography, leading several projects where youngsters get to express their feelings and explore their own versatility through taking pictures. The aim is always to take away any inhibitions and let these youngsters truly express themselves, without the necessity of words.

Sparked some interest? Contact: info@katleengils.be or +32(0)477/901074

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